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Spooky Hot Cross Buns

I love Halloween season. Full stop. There’s candy galore, horror films on TV every night, and it’s the only time of year when it’s socially acceptable — encouraged even — to dress in all black. What’s not to love? These spiderweb buns are a fun twist on a traditional hot cross bun recipe. Who says spooky season can’t start in July?

Brioche Cinnamon Rolls

“When Pillsbury makes cinnamon rolls so easy –just pop open the tube, place, and bake–why would you go to the trouble of making your own from scratch?” You ask skeptically. I just have one answer to that very valid question, can the Pillsbury tube make cinnamon rolls that are so pillowy, cinnamon-filled, and topped with the most addictive browned butter cream cheese frosting that you think you’ve died and gone to a cinnamon roll version of heaven? I didn’t think so.

Za’atar Flatbread

This flatbread is of ninja caliber; it just comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the face with flavor. The mix of a soft texture and herby top make this bread a slam dunk. You’ll definitely be glad you tried it.

Garlic Lover’s Hummus

to all those people out there who opt for more garlic (always more garlic), knowing full well that their breath will reek for the rest of the night (and possibly the next morning). I am one of you. This hummus is for you.

Saag Paneer

So many Indian food recipes, yet so little time. Here is one of the greats. One who needs no introduction. My favorite, saag paneer. Mic drop. This one is for all of those kale skeptics out there whose hearts and minds (and stomachs) I couldn’t change with my last post for kale and saag paneer.Continue reading “Saag Paneer”

Kale and Paneer Saag

By a show of hands, who here is a kale skeptic? For the longest time, I would have joined you in your kale skepticism. While I used to be one of those kale disbelievers, I’m telling you this kale & paneer saag might just turn you. Saag (specifically mushroom saag…if you haven’t had it before,Continue reading “Kale and Paneer Saag”

Pesto Tear-and-Share Bread

This is my go-to recipe when going to a potluck. It’s quick, easy and an impressive-looking centerpiece that’s perfect for any party. I think everyone knows this already, but I LOVE bread, absolutely obsessed. Stuff that bread and I’m dropping everything to run over to eat a piece of that bread. Not exaggerating. This breadContinue reading “Pesto Tear-and-Share Bread”

Flaky Biscuits

What’s better than a nice and flaky, buttery biscuit on a Sunday morning that’s unctuously lathered in butter and maybe a little jam or topped with a ladleful of thick gravy? Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything better either. I’ve tried my fair share of biscuits and let me tell you, these are by farContinue reading “Flaky Biscuits”


If I could only have one final breakfast, I’d want that breakfast to be this shakshuka with some pita or crusty sourdough bread. Hands down, no question. I mean what could be better than a tomato and spinach stew with runny eggs and cheese on top? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Shakshuka is a spicy tomato andContinue reading “Shakshuka”

Zucchini Kofta Curry

Midsummer and the zucchinis just keep on coming. If the zucchinis just won’t stop growing in your garden and you’re needing something exciting to do with all of the excess besides making yet another loaf of zucchini bread, this is for you. I promise, you’ll miss having so much fresh zucchini in the wintertime, soContinue reading “Zucchini Kofta Curry”

Airy Sourdough

If you’re looking for an airy sourdough that doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to flavor, then this air sourdough recipe is for you. It’s a little trickier than the simple beginner’s sourdough recipe I posted about earlier, but definitely doable. This is for all those challenge seekers out there. I’m always on theContinue reading “Airy Sourdough”

Sour Cream Pancakes

When you think about pancakes, you probably don’t automatically associate them with sour cream like you do with buttermilk. It’s a tried and true match, buttermilk and pancakes, like PB&J, but sour cream (and even yogurt) shouldn’t be left out of the world of pancakes. I do realize that sour cream and yogurt aren’t buttermilk,Continue reading “Sour Cream Pancakes”


People of the world, may I have your attention, please. In this corner, we have the ooberly confident (and slightly intimidating), Paul Hollywood and in this corner, we have the young, non-traditionalist baker, Ruby Tandoh. Tonight, these two baking fiends will face-off in the battle of the croissants. Who will win? No one knows. StayContinue reading “Croissants”

Hi there! I’m Heidi (the newly self-proclaimed hippie baker) and I love to bake, cook, write and create new and inventive things. Any opportunity I get to share these passions of mine with other people, I take, no questions asked. I love the idea of making something to give to others, whether it be baked goods, a home-cooked dinner, or a simple cup of steaming coffee. This blog is my way of sharing my passions with other people through recipes, so that I might inspire someone else to ditch that store-bought bread or pre-made Indian sauce and set out on a voyage of self cooking/baking discovery.

The journey may be a rough one at times. There WILL be dinners and breads thrown in the trash or (if you’re frugal like me and cringe at the thought of throwing away perfectly edible, but not very pleasant, food) many nights of eating your way through burnt sauces, slimy pots of rice and slightly raw (or really raw on particularly bad nights) loaves of bread. Nevertheless, these dark and painful days will all be worth it when your sourdough comes out baked to perfection or when you masterfully cook a Thanksgiving turkey that’s impeccably spiced and unctuously juicy that your friends just can’t stop talking about (that you cooked despite your vegetarianism).

I hope you enjoy my food adventures (sorry to say, but even if you don’t I’m still going to document them) and good luck with your own foray into the dark and unknown world of yeast and curries!

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“How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?”

― Julia Child

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