Welcome to the Hippie Baker

I’m Heidi (the newly self-proclaimed hippie baker) and I love to bake, cook, write and create new and inventive things. I wanted a way not only to share my passion for baking and cooking with other people, but also to show how easy baking and cooking can actually be.

I love trying out new foods and recipes, so there will definitely be some odd food posts here and there, but also some classics because they’re classics for a reason. I’m a vegetarian (well technically pescatarian if we’re being 100% truthful), so most of these recipes will be vegetarian with the occasional fish recipe thrown in there.

I’d love to show people that just because a dish is vegetarian, doesn’t mean that it will feel like the dish is missing something. My goal is for you to not even realize the meats missing, but I do realize that not everyone has the same dislike for meat as I do, so I’ll make some recommendations for where meat can be potentially added in a recipe if desired.

Bread will always hold a special spot in my heart. I love the feeling of kneading and watching the bread rise and double in size. That said, there is the very likely potential that there might be more posts about bread than anything else, so please forgive me in advance, I have a carb problem (That’s why it’s called the hippie baker and not the hippie chef).

If you have any recipes you want me to try out and post about, feel free to leave a comment on one of my posts and I’ll do my best to try it out!

I hope you enjoy my food adventures and that from this blog, you’ll learn about and grow to love some food or ingredient that you didn’t know about before:)

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